Costa Rica Business Incorporation Process

Costa Rica Business Incorporation Process, Costa Rica offshore companies
Incorporate Here List of Shelf Companies

New Costa Rica Companies with Limited Liability

GLC provides professional assistance to Incorporate a new Costa Rica company and also offshore companies from other jurisdictions. Our Costa Rica Incorporation lawyers have great experience creating different kinds of Costa Rica Corporations We can assure our clients the best assistance according to the intended objective, for incorporating a Costa Rica corporation or offshore company. New Costa Rica Companies are highly recommended for local, international or global business. You can also buy a Costa Rica company or corporation through us.

Our team of Costa Rica Lawyers will assist you in every step of the process for the setup of a Costa Rica Corporation, taking care of every detail to make sure you will get the confidentiality and protection you need.

To create a Costa Rica Corporation (Costa Rica Sociedad Anónima or S.A.), our team of Costa Rica Lawyers will need personal information of four people. These will be the members of the board of directors of the new Costa Rica company. If you want to create a Costa Rica S.R.L. company (Costa Rica Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada), we need the personal information of only one member to start the process. Please Contact Us so we can guide you in the right direction of which is the best Costa Rica Corporation for your needs.

We work with the aforementioned two types of Costa Rica limited liability, the Costa Rica Company known as S.A. and the Costa Rica Company known as S.R.L., both share the advantages of a Costa Rica LLC, with certain differences that will be analyzed by our team when you Contact Us.

Every Costa Rica Incorporation goes through a customized process, to guarantee that our clients receive the right Costa Rica legal structure needed, to start their business. We can also assist our clients in the start up process of the Costa Rica corporations obtaining Costa Rica business licenses, Costa Rica work permits in the different Institutions, and any other legal work, that must be done to have your Costa Rica corporation ready to start its activities.

Duration: 2-3 weeks

Costa Rica Shelf Companies

GLC Costa Rica Lawyers are experts on Costa Rica Shelf Companies also known as ready-made Costa Rica Companies. We provide professional assistance to incorporate Costa Rica Ready Made companies, also referred to as a Costa Rica shelf corporations. Start your Corporation Process with GLC International Legal Advisors.

We already mentioned the option of incorporating a Costa Rica Company, however if you noted the registration process takes about 2-3 weeks between the date in which our Costa Rica Lawyers present the new Costa Rica company until the Costa Rica company is properly incorporated in Costa Rica. Also that estimated time is tentative since the Costa Rica Registry might require changes to the desired name. Because we understand fast global business requirements, GLC International Legal Advisors became, since 1999, the first mover in Costa Rica shelf companies. Our firm keeps a permanent stock of ready made Costa Rica shelf companies, so our global clients do not have to wait for weeks, and can proceed to immediately conduct business transactions.

Costa Rica shelf companies are formed initially by members of our team, who become the founders of the shelf company and once the corporation is selected by our clients, our lawyers transfer the shares of the corporation to the new beneficiaries.

Costa Rica Shelf Companies Explained

If you are not familiar with the term shelf company, please take a minute to read the following basic explanation.

A shelf corporation or also known as  an aged corporation is a term used to refer to an entity, normally of limited liability, that has been properly incorporated, in this case in Costa Rica. This corporation has had no activity, and it is created by a law firm or incorporation company, with the intention of selling it later on to an individual or economic group. Usually, this individual or economic group wants to avoid the procedures of incorporation, necessary to form a new Costa Rica Company. The shelf corporation allows them to avoid the process, and by purchasing an existing, non active, Costa Rica Shelf Company, they can immediately conduct business transactions.

It is also common to purchase an aged Costa Rica corporation, which has "matured" on a shelf and that can be used to show a registration date of many years, or months as this can be beneficial for certain purposes. When you purchase a Costa Rica Shelf Company, it is necessary to verify that the company has not had any type of business activity, in order to avoid liabilities of prior beneficiaries.

As a reputable Costa Rica company, GLC does not believe in the "old benefits" of purchasing a Costa Rica Shelf Company. We do not believe in obscure negotiations or schemes. The only reason why we are pro Costa Rica Shelf Company is to accelerate incorporation processing.

In our daily business and legal transactions, we are aware that the processing time for a Costa Rica Corporation should be reduced to 2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks, as to promote economic development in our region. So in the mean time it is important to offer, especially to foreign investors, a speedy instrument for them to continue Investing in Costa Rica, and not having to wait for weeks to do so.

Duration: 1-2 business days

Why open a Costa Rica Offshore Corporation?

The answer is today very simple, globalization. Now that we are citizens of an interconnected global village, we can not stay isolated from business and regulatory opportunities available for the international investor and entrepreneur. That's why GLC Costa Rica Lawyers provide you with all the assistance in your Costa Rica Offshore Corporation Process


GLC incorporates new companies and shelf companies in the following jurisdictions:

Costa Rica

Background: Costa Rica is currently and for years to come one of the preferred investment and tourist destinations in the world. The Pacific Gold Coast in the Guanacaste province, the exuberant Central Pacific, the wild South Pacific, the beautiful Arenal Volcano and Lake villages and the upscale Escazu and Santa Ana neighborhoods are just some of the most popular real estate investment sites. Additionally, Costa Rica is rich in human talent that has convinced many multinational companies to install their customer care centers in the country's main cities. So if you are considering investing in real estate or decide to outsource your technological operations to Costa Rica, we will provide the first and most important advice you need, form a Costa Rica Offshore Corporation.

It is very important to take into consideration the following article of the current Costa Rica Code of Commerce:

Article 8: The following will not be able to conduct commerce, even if they have legal capacity according to the common law:

"... foreigners will be able to conduct commerce in the national territory, if they have been established permanently in the country, with residency for not less than 10 years, subject to the legal system and to the jurisdiction of the court system of the Republic, except what is contained in the treaties or international agreements..."

Because of this article it is required for foreign individuals and companies to incorporate in Costa Rica in order to be able to have access to all sorts of business opportunities available. When you incorporate in Costa Rica you are forming a Costa Rica entity that has unlimited legal possibilities in Costa Rica territory.

Main uses: Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Banking, Real Estate Investment, Business Ventures, Gaming Companies, etc.

Company Formation services Costa Rica

Other jurisdictions:

GLC offers corporations from Uruguay, Sweden and other European countries. Please contact our office to create your customized legal structure.

DISCLAIMER: GLC is a duly registered Costa Rica corporation that offers legal advice only to individuals who enter an attorney-client relationship contract. The present information shall not be considered legal advice, and GLC encourages individuals to check with our local legal professionals, in order to adjust to local regulations that might affect the conformation of an offshore company. GLC conducts due diligence procedures, with persons that request our services of Costa Rica incorporation, in order to avoid misusage of corporations.

Costa Rica Gaming Corporations

GLC is an authority in Offshore Legal Gaming in the Central American region. Legal Online Gambling is one of our main areas of expertise, in that sense our Legal Department experts have published Gaming Law articles in the most important Costa Rican newspapers and have guided several major international online gaming groups into forming the ideal corporate structures to operate globally as their legal counsel.

Costa Rica evolved into the "Online Gaming Mecca of the America's", based on a stable legal and business environment, an educated bilingual workforce and Class A infrastructure. Costa Rica Gaming companies operate from modern office compounds and function adjusted to Costa Rican law. Costa Rica data processing licenses or Costa Rica call centers licenses,are issued to Costa Rican gaming corporations that install their physical operations in Costa Rica.

In the year 2003, as part of a fiscal act, Costa Rican authorities offered a specific Costa Rican gambling license, for Costa Rican gaming companies that operated in our jurisdiction. Since then the companies operate with a normal business license, or data processing license. Having said that, Costa Rican Law does not regulate mere online gaming operations, hence many online operations use Costa Rican Gaming Corporations to conduct gambling online business with no presence in Costa Rica.

GLC will help you select the best solution for your specific situation, in order to create a customized legal structure, the following should be the suggested ideal process:


Conduct a legal report that includes general and specific legal and operational aspects for gaming operations in Costa Rica, including:

  • General Legal Situation.
  • Legal situation for an online gambling company in Costa Rica
  • How to install a Costa Rican online gaming company (step by step).
  • Suggested legal structure.
  • Taxes, banking and registration in local agencies.
  • License in the event that it is available. Known as Costa Rica data processing license

The report is conducted based on the nationality of future owners or beneficiaries to avoid violations of international and/or local laws.


A- Determine the nationality (ies) of the owners.

B- Determine location of servers.

C- Determine the future location of the operation.

D- Determine the actual need for a specific gaming license or Costa Rica data processing license. 

E- Determine size of the operation in number of employees.

F- Determine the target market.

Duration: 3 business days.

Payment can be done via bank wire, western union or paypal.


Construct and follow the results of the initial study as far as the:

Quantity of corporations needed and their respective jurisdictions.

Registration. Licensing via Costa Rican data processing license. Operations going live. Bank accounts, payment solutions.

The cost of the Costa Rican gambling corporations, will vary depending on the jurisdiction required and the services included.

Please contact our offices in order to start the incorporation process.

As of today, there is no current law to regulate specifically the activity of online gaming in Costa Rica. Data processing licenses are still the instrument used for these operations, however current Government is trying to move the industry to a much desired regulation, that will more properly vindicate the industry.

Incorporate a Crypto Business in Costa Rica with GLC

GLC also offers professional assistance for setting up cryptocurrency companies. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Costa Rica has become an attractive destination for establishing companies in this sector. GLC provides legal advice and assistance throughout the setup process, including obtaining licenses and compliance with regulations. If you are interested in establishing a cryptocurrency company in Costa Rica, you can read more here.

DISCLAIMER: GLC International Legal Advisors is a duly registered Costa Rican corporation that provides legal and business advice to individuals and/or companies that request it. Our group strongly advices to abide by local and international online gaming regulations. We encourage the client to respect the rulings of their country of origin. Please take into consideration that online gaming could be illegal in your country of origin. We are advocates of regulation of the gambling industry in Costa Rica, we believe that through a proper program, online gaming should not be prohibited, but that specific rules should be followed.