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Costa Rica Retirement Attorneys offering Attorney Legal Advice to Retire in Costa Rica, Residency in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Retirement or Relocate to Costa Rica. When you come to Costa Rica, just bring along your suitcase and relax...we’ll take care of everything you need for your Costa Rica Retirement or Costa Rica Relocation (arrival assistance and city orientation, homesearch, school assistance, Costa Rica Residency, cultural integration programmes...)

Our Services for Retiring in Costa Rica or Relocating to Costa Rica

Documents for Pets

GLC Costa Rica Attorneys will coordinate with you every step required to bring to Costa Rica your pets, including all the necessary permits. Please take into consideration that significant and coordination is involved in bringing pets for your retirement in Costa Rica. Our team might need up to 1 month to ensure that all the permits are approved.

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Costa Rica Moving to: "Door to Door" Move to Costa Rica

Yes it is possible! With GLC Costa Rica Residency Experts you can forget about dealing with seven different companies and contact experience providers of transportation for moving to Costa Rica. As part of the International Association of World Wide Movers our Moving Company will contact a licensed representative with your ZIP CODE and prepare a quote that will involve at least the following:

  • Local Packing and Transportation-Shipping to Costa Rica-Customs Clearance-Unpacking-Local Moving Service

Housing to Retire in Costa Rica

Using all the data that you provide GLC Costa Rica Retirement Attorneys analyze your needs, identify properties that match your specifications and budget and establish a shortlist. Finding a suitable home is a top priority. It is important to note that Costa Rica has initiated an aggressive Costa Rica Retirement Benefit Program which in the next years plans to bring to Costa Rica at least 10,000 new retirees establishing specific retirement communities which will enjoy of ideal conditions required for such a special community.

 Pre Arrival Assistance to Retire in Costa Rica or Moving to Costa Rica

Personal welcome at the airport and help with car rental, hotel reservations, etc. You and your family will be picked up personally by members of our staff in the airport and given an explanation of how San José works and taken to your hotel to rest for the day.

Based in our many years of experience guiding individuals who wish to retire in Costa Rica we strongly suggest to coordinate with our staff previous to your visit to the country. GLC Costa Rica Retirement Attorneys want to make sure that you are in a position to make the most out of your stay in our country.

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Local Packing and Transportation-Shipping to Costa Rica-Customs Clearance-Unpacking-Local Moving Service

Get in contact with us now and you will receive the most competitive quote with full consideration of all the details involved in Moving to Costa Rica as a cohesive part of your Costa Rica Retirement plans.

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Move to Costa Rica

Residency Documents to Retire in Costa Rica

GLC Costa Rica Residency lawyers analyze your specific situation and guide you through the entire immigration application process until your request is approved according to Costa Rica Immigration Law, the main Costa Rica Residency options include: Costa Rica Pensioner or Pensionado, Costa Rica Rentist, and Costa Rica Investor. Please visit our Immigration Law section for more details Request Information

In general terms it is very simple to obtain regular  Costa Rica Retirement status, if you get a minimum of US$1000.00 in a monthly lifetime pension you are eligible to even include your spouse. GLC will coordinate with you the legalization of your Birth Certificate and Police Record in the corresponding foreign ministries in your country and in the corresponding Costa Rican Consulate.

Costa Rica Banking

GLC Costa Rica Banking Expert Attorneys will coordinate with you and your Costa Rican bank of preference, the opening of your local corporate and/or savings account making the experience as smooth as possible. Your retirement in Costa Rica will not be complete unless you have one or several bank accounts at your disposal to make your Costa Rica Retiring possible.

Costa Rica Banking normally requires: bank letters of reference, bank statements, utility bills, proof of income and corporate paperwork produced by GLC International Legal Advisors.

Costa Rica Drivers License for foreigners

Coordinate with our team the process required for you to obtain a Costa Rican drivers license and make your retiring to Costa Rica complete.

Education Options for the person Retiring in Costa Rica and/or his family

If you require for your Costa Rican retirement plans to find a solid educational institution for you or your family our team will guide you through the different available options.

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