About GLC International Business Advisors

Costa Rica business advisors and lawyers

Who we are:

A group of young attorneys founded GLC International Advisors Inc. (GLC) in 1999 with the purpose of serving the expat community in Central America, later on as most of the startups it expanded its services to what the international community required from the region.

Incorporated in the Republic of Panama and serving the entire globe, GLC understands the available regulatory advantages available not only in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Nicaragua but in the many other offshore jurisdictions

Legal minds with business acumen with 16+ years of experience of success in the offshore business world has made GLC a regional authority in at least the following services:

  • Incorporation in regional jurisdictions
  • Formation of multi-jurisdictional legal structures
  • Introduction to Offshore Banking
  • Data Processing Licenses
  • Gaming Licenses

Our core practice is focused on specific services that we have mastered throughout the years.

“Simplifying Offshore Business”