Nuestros Servicios

Dear Client: The following list of immigration, investment, and law-related services is provided as a convenience for our clients. Any doubt about our Services should be consulted to our personnel.

** IMPORTANT: Please be sure to contact our Legal Department in order to know all requirements, steps, and possibilities of execution BEFORE making the payment for the service.

Legal Services

Birth Certification

Registered Corporate Modifications

Certified Copy of Document

CR Marriage Metro Area

CR Marriage Rural Area

Corporate Certification (Personería)

Business License

Hourly legal consultation

Number of Hours

Business Start Up Procedure

Car Owner Certification (Personería)

CR Brand Registration

Legalization of Documents

Online Legal Gaming Report

Review of Immigration Case

Immigration Services

Costa Rican Citizenship Process

CR Legal Status Certification

CR Residency

Type of Residency

Costa Rican Visa Extension Request

Visa to entry Costa Rica

Incorporation Services

Costa Rica / Panama Corporations

Corporation Specifics

New Costa Rica Business Corporation

Incorporation Options

New CR G Corporation

Corporation Specifics

Annual Tax Filing for CR Corporation

Mail Forwarding

Banking Procedures for Bank Account Opening

Data Processing License

Annual Corporate Shareholder Meeting

Board of Directors Maintenance Panama

Registered Address

Resident Agent


CR people Search

Private Database Options